Production of recombinant proteins

Extensive expertise of our scientific team, including hands-on experience with a broad range of target proteins, provides a strong basis for meeting Client expectations. Our offer includes:

  • E. coli, insect and mammalian cells expression systems
  • Customized production of target proteins on a mgs to tens of mgs scale
  • Broad flexibility in construct design (e.g. codon optimization, tags, mutations, construct boundaries, deletions, fusion proteins)
  • Development and optimization of purification protocols to maximize the protein quality (typically >90-95% purity)
  • Extensive troubleshooting to overcome inefficient production, aggregation or degradation of target protein
  • Tailored protein products (e.g. various tags, non-radioactive isotopic labelling – 15N, 13C, SILAC, SeMet labelling, low endotoxin levels, biotinylation, sterile proteins, protein complexes)
  • Standard Quality Control evaluating protein concentration, purity, stability, homogeneity and oligomeric state
  • Detailed reports

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