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Integrated Drug Discovery

Selvita offers the full range of integrated drug discovery support starting from target validation up to the selection of a clinical candidate and includes chemistry, in vitro and in vivo pharmacology, structural biology, ADME, pharmacokinetics and toxicology.  We support projects across diverse drug discovery areas but with particular experience in the field of oncology, CNS, inflammation, anti-infectives, fibrosis and others.
It is crucial to rapidly extract the most value from the design-synthesis-test cycle.  In Selvita’s Integrated Drug Discovery projects we achieve this thanks to the close and productive collaboration of medicinal, computational and synthetic chemists with colleagues in biology.  Multidisciplinary science teams work together to ensure that biological data are generated and intelligently used in the design process and that compounds are synthesized efficiently.

As a consequence of good logistics and the colocation of chemistry, ADME and biology teams within the same facility, optimization cycles are short and new iterations of compounds progress successfully toward the lead and candidate stages.

We have broad experience from the identification of hits to the delivery of candidates and depth of knowledge in multiple biological target classes and disease areas.  From enzymes to receptors and beyond, from rare diseases to cancer we bring together the scientific vigour and energy of young researchers with the experience and deep knowledge of senior members of the Selvita team.  Blending excellent academic and industrial know-how, we provide optimal solutions for our customers’ integrated drug discovery programs.

We are highly skilled at multiparameter optimisation and have a strongly data-and-hypothesis driven approach, expertly moving hits to solid leads and to robust preclinical development candidates.  At each stage of the drug discovery and development pathway we seek to generate the greatest value for our clients.



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