Macromolecular crystallography

Structural studies using X-ray crystallography are driven by a team of scientists with many years of international experience. Altogether, we have determined over 200 high-resolution structures and delivered over 60 peer-reviewed publications. Our services include:

  • Protein construct design to maximize protein quality and propensity to crystallization
  • High-quality recombinant proteins for structural studies (purity, homogeneity, stability)
  • Screening of 1200+ crystallization conditions/day using a nanodispensing robotic system
  • Optimization of initial hits, including, but not limited to, grid screening around the primary crystallization conditions and seeding approaches
  • Secured access to synchrotron measurements in top European facilities
  • X-ray data processing and analysis using XDS and CCP4 packages
  • Structure determination using Molecular Replacement and Experimental Phasing
  • Providing structures of protein-small molecule, protein-protein and protein-nucleic acid complexes
  • Detailed reports

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